Business FORUM

is a company with many years of experience in preparation and organisation of conferences and workshops on topical economic and legal issues. It is a fully independent company which co-operates with numerous experts, consultants and managers from the fields of economics, science and politics who also contribute to shape the events we organise. We particularly focus on energy issues.

The key factor important for the success and competitiveness of a business is access to the latest information in the relevant field of expertise. Our objective is to provide you with the opportunity to tap in to the latest trends, experience and knowledge that could help you in the implementation of your plans. Our conferences provide an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting with high profile professionals.

The exchange of information with senior managers, consultants and experts who deal with similar issues or who have successfully resolved them can play an important role in your decision making process, leading you to success.

The events are designed for top and senior management, whose success is based on the latest knowledge and expertise. Experienced local and overseas experts present their specific experience, case studies and participate in panel discussions analysing many interesting topics. Detailed conference handouts provided in electronic format can be useful tools in your routine work.


Next congress

18. energetický kongres ČR
10.-11. dubna 2018, Praha

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